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Author Interview: Vanessa Miller

The entrepreneur and bestselling author shares about writing and her most satisfying moment as an author.

At Victorious By Design, it’s our pleasure to highlight the achievements of individuals who are courageously walking in purpose and using their talents and abilities to make a positive impact. That’s why we are excited to feature entrepreneur and bestselling author, Vanessa Miller. Last year, Vanessa released her 50th book. Can we say wow?

Most of Vanessa’s published novels depict characters that are lost and in need of redemption. Her books have received countless favorable reviews.

“. . . Heartwarming, drama-packed and tender in just the right places.”—Romantic Times Book Review.

“Recommended for readers of redemption stories.” –Library Journal.

Vanessa's author life is a reminder to set goals and pursue them relentlessly.

VBD: Who/what inspires you to write?

VANESSA: I believe I was given the gift of writing from birth. In other words, my writing is a gift from God, so I give that gift back to Him by writing books that give my readers a better understanding of God’s grace and His love. So, I am inspired to continue writing every time a reader writes a review of my books and they talk about the God in my books rather than just the person who wrote the book.

VBD: What makes your book(s)/writing special?

VANESSA: I’m writing about real people with real issues just like every other writer. But I think the thing that makes my writing special is that I also add the elements of faith to my stories. I write to touch the heart and soul of my readers with the good news of God’s grace.

VBD: Tell us a little about your writing process?

VANESSA: First off, I do not write every day. I wish I did, but there is so much that goes into the book business that I simply can’t. But when I am working on a book project, I sit behind my desk in my home office from about 9am – 5pm. I spend about six hours writing and about two hours answers questions from emails or responding to social media posts.

When the book is finished, I normally take about two weeks to get all of the promotional thing firmed up that I didn’t have time to focus on while writing the story. I may need to write answers to question given to me for an interview, create social media posts to promote the book, plan out book discussions or other promotional events for the book. There is a lot that goes into the day of an author and to be honest, I might leave out of my office at 5pm. But I will pick my computer back up around 7pm and work on some other detail that didn’t get finished that day.

VBD: How did your life as a writer begin?

VANESSA: I’ve always none I wanted to write. I would say the itch struck me when I was eight years old, sitting on my grandmother’s porch with my father one summer night. My father was a natural born storyteller. That night he told me a story, as I listened to the story, I was imagining something beautiful, but as the story ended, I discovered it was about a rat. At that moment, I fell in love with the idea of turning something so hideous into something that becomes beautiful. I think God was giving me that little nudge to write redemption stories that summer night as I sat on the porch with my father.

VBD: Where do you write?

VANESSA: I mostly write in my office at home.

VBD: Why did you choose the Christian Fiction genre?

VANESSA: I don’t think I chose this genre… it chose me. I gave my life to Christ in 1994 and honestly, once I realized that God had given me this gift of writing I only wanted to use my gift to glorify Him.

VBD: What has been your most satisfying moment as an author?

VANESSA: Reading the reviews from some of my readers. I am always in awe when a reader tells me how my stories inspired them to grow closer to God.

VBD: Who was your favorite character to write?

VANESSA: I have two favorites out of all the books that I have written. Isaac Walker from my first book, Former Rain and Marquita Lewis from the book I just finished writing which does not release until March 2022, titled Something Good. Both of these characters come alive on the page and demand to be heard.

VBD: What is the hardest part of writing?

VANESSA: The waiting game. With self-publishing, once you finish a book you can upload it and start selling it the next day if you want. But when you have a book with a traditional publisher it can take about eighteen months from the sign of the contract until the book releases. So, the whole time you’re just in wait mode… You have this book that you want to share with the world, but the wheels grind slowly in publishing even though you wrote it in 2020, it won’t be available to the public until 2022. But it is what it is.

VBD: What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to get into writing?

VANESSA: Don’t quit. Most writers don’t have overnight success stories. It takes years and years to build an audience and to learn the craft of writing. So, even in moments of discouragement, just know that if God gifted you to be a writer, then your moment will come… just be ready when it does.

VBD: Are you working on a new book? Can you tell us a little about it?

VANESSA: Yes, I have a new book, which I would say is the book of my heart coming out next year. The title is Something Good. It releases in March of 2022 and should be in bookstores and everywhere books are sold. It is women’s fiction. The main characters are Trish, Marquita and Alexis and each of these women will pull at your heartstrings. You will remember this story long after the book is closed. I honestly think it’s the best book I have ever been blessed to write and I can’t wait for readers to hold it in their hands.

About Vanessa Miller

Vanessa Miller is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, playwright, and motivational speaker. She started writing as a child, spending countless hours either reading or writing poetry, short stories, stage plays and novels. Vanessa’s creative endeavors took on new meaning in1994 when she became a Christian. Since then, her writing has been centered on themes of redemption, often focusing on characters facing multi-dimensional struggles.

Vanessa’s novels have received rave reviews, with several appearing on Essence Magazine’s Bestseller’s List. Miller’s work has receiving numerous awards, including “Best Christian Fiction Mahogany Award” and the “Red Rose Award for Excellence in Christian Fiction.” Miller graduated from Capital University with a degree in Organizational Communication. She is an ordained minister in her church, explaining, “God has called me to minister to readers and to help them rediscover their place with the Lord.”

· Essence Bestsellers’ List March 2008; May 2008 (Former Rain)

· Essence Bestsellers’ List September 2008 (Rain Storm)

· Black Expressions Book Club Alternate Selection 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010

· #1 Ebook for fiction on November 2010 (Long Time Coming)

· #1 on BCNN/BCBC Bestsellers’ List November 2010 (Long Time Coming)

She has worked with numerous publishers: Urban Christian, Kimani Romance, Abingdon Press and Whitaker House. She is currently working on Something Good with Thomas Nelson (HarperCollins) which releases in March 2022.

In 2016, Vanessa launched the Christian Book Lover’s Retreat in an effort to bring readers and authors of Christian fiction together in an environment that’s all about Faith, Fun & Fellowship. To learn more about Vanessa, please visit her website: If you would like to know more about the Christian Book Lover’s Retreat that is currently held in Charlotte, NC during the last week in October you can visit Christian Book Lover's Retreat.

Vanessa lives in North Carolina with her husband and family. She graduated from Capital University with a degree in Organizational Communication.

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