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Dr. Pasha Carter, a business mogul connecting and empowering entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur cut through the noise to build a multimillion-dollar business - and now she’s helping others do the same.

“Go after your dream!” says Dr. Pasha Carter. “I did it, others have done it, and you can, too. Don’t stop pushing until your dream becomes a reality. Your dream demands that you pick up the pace. Go!”

It is always a great experience when I’m listening to Dr. Pasha Carter, a wife, mother, and business mogul. Pasha and her husband Steve are owners of VIP Global Network Inc. Pasha is also the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of VIP Global Magazine and a member of The Forbes Coaches Council.

If you ever speak with Pasha, you will be changed. She has a way of delivering riveting power talks that leave you inspired, challenged, empowered, and transformed. I’ve had several close-ups with Pasha as she works through challenges, and her attitude remains constant—what can we learn from this situation and how do we move forward. She’s not daunted by challenges and welcomes uncertainty with some amount of excitement. Perhaps, she says, this is a chance to improve my A-game.

VBD Magazine caught up with the powerhouse to discuss her entrepreneurial journey, business continuity through the pandemic, and the purpose behind her recently launched VIP Global Magazine.

Making a difference

What is Pasha’s reason for inspiring, helping, and mentoring others?

“The answer is simple,” Pasha says, “it’s all about my prior experience. I know what it’s like to need help, to wish I had a mentor. Back in the day, I wanted more for my life, but I didn’t know the best steps to get to where I wanted to go.”

Watching Pasha’s effortless ability to reach backwards to pull others forward is an experience. “Shining the light on someone else doesn't dim your light, it just makes the world a little brighter,” she explains. “I love seeing others win!”

A pivotal moment

Pasha grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, but in the mid-1990s, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, a city that she thought was ideal for aspiring young entrepreneurs. However, she soon realized that a regular 9-5 job was not going to create wealth for her.

“I was 23 years old, living in Atlanta, sleeping on the floor of my best friend’s one bedroom apartment. I worked at Emory University from 9-5, and then coached gymnastics from 6-9 p.m. every day. If that wasn’t enough, I was also an NFL Cheerleader. It felt like I was working every waking hour, yet I was broke and couldn’t pay my bills.

A pivotal moment in my journey came when the NFL staff hosted an event at one of the NFL player’s mansions one evening after a game. It was the first time I saw what financial success looked like up-close. Right then, I said, ‘One day I’m going to have this type of lifestyle.’ Instead of being on the sidelines cheerleading for millionaires, I decided to become a millionaire. I wanted to create my own lane, generate wealth, and work on my terms. The switch flipped for me just like that. Millionaire status was suddenly within reach because I changed my mindset.”

The entrepreneurial journey

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Pasha would be the first to let you know that the journey is great but challenging. “Even so, do not stop moving forward. Go after your dream and witness the manifestation of your dream.”

From the moment Pasha realized that her dream was within reach, she began attending conferences dealing with entrepreneurship and listening to leadership tapes by Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, and Brian Tracy. “By the time I was 29, my business was making 6-figures. My husband and I partnered up in our 30s, and by our mid-40s, we had earned over $10 million. I want people to realize between the milestones; there were plenty of growing pains. Some months, I made significant income; other months, I didn’t make a dime. The life of a young entrepreneur was a rollercoaster, but I refused to get off the ride because my goals were not only possible, but they were also attainable.”

Nowadays, Pasha is an industry legend and one of America’s most famous and influential direct sales leaders, ranked in the “Top 15 Female Networkers in The World” out of over 14 million women worldwide. Pasha is passionate about helping others to leave a legacy and create generational wealth for their families. “My mission is to educate others on the reality of and the choice of true financial freedom by teaching them how to earn more, keep more, and invest more so that they can live more!”

When we inquired about her excellent work ethics, leadership skills, and dedication, Pasha was quick to attribute all to her mother, Mrs. Annie Oliver, who recently passed. “Mom was an advocate for women. I am who I am because of my mother’s unconditional love and guidance.”

Doing business with the love of her life

Still, we cannot mention Pasha without acknowledging her savvy business partner, her husband Steve. They are among the most successful couples in business. The duo has been called one of “America’s Favorite Business Couples” in the home-based business world. Over the last 20 years, the Carters have launched, invested in, and sold dozens of products, establishing themselves as profitable business-minded moguls who create their own rules for success.

With their powerful main-stage trainings and servant leadership style, Steve and Pasha built a multimillion-dollar empire and are the go-to experts for leaders who want to earn six and seven figures from their direct sales businesses. The Carters have been featured in The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires by Dr. Dennis Kimbro, magazines such as Networking Times, Success from Home, and Business from Home, as well as many other publications and radio shows.

At the time of our interview, the Carters were at the cusp of one of their most strategic moves yet—international business expansion in Dubai. In addition to managing their online eCommerce businesses, digital banking services, Cryptocurrency investment, and running a magazine, the Carters thought it was an opportune time to expand into foreign markets, and Dubai was an ideal location.

Rising during challenging times

As we live through the global pandemic, it is hard to miss the surge in creativity and the inevitable rise of doing business online. We are witnessing an increase in entrepreneurial activities by those who dare to flourish in these unpredictable times, because they know the normal rules are out the door.

“The effects of COVID-19 have given entrepreneurs who want to level up the perfect opportunity to recreate their own rules for success, just as Steve and I have done,” Pasha states. “While these are uncertain times, a lot of people are in a period of transition and are looking to make significant changes to set themselves up for long term success. Creating digitally based income sources gives you freedom to spend time with family, travel the world, and establish success on your own terms. As an entrepreneur your income-producing options are endless—you just need to find what works for you.”

Launching VIP Global Magazine

The forced shutdown due to the pandemic gave the Carters the space to brainstorm potential business ideas, which led to the launch of VIP Global Magazine, the ultimate business resource for entrepreneurs.

The idea for the magazine evolved when the Carters’ four children started expressing an interest in entrepreneurship. “I believe every child should know how to build a million-dollar business before they leave home. Steve and I, being successful entrepreneurs, and having met and partnered with so many other entrepreneurs in million-dollar businesses, thought, ‘Why not create a business media outlet to provide tips and strategies for entrepreneurs?’ In so doing we would have a platform for our children to learn exactly how to excel in their areas of interest.

We created VIP Global Magazine to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with a platform to learn, network, and shop in one place, no matter where they are in the world. The magazine is an online support system like no other, because it shares highly sought-after advice and top-notch secrets from professionals who are giants in their industries.”

Tips for building a successful business

Here are Pasha’s tips for building a successful business:

1. The life of an entrepreneur is challenging, don’t quit; focus on achieving your goals as you build the business and brand you believe in.

2. Don’t be frustrated by an issue that was only meant to be an incubator. Shift your mindset and get your priorities right.

3. Create a solid plan, study your industry, know your competition, and leverage your abilities to fulfill your dream.

4. Start before you’re ready but understand the risks and rewards.

5. Build strategic partnerships.

6. Know and understand your target market.

7. Put together the best team to help you carry out your vision.

8. Secure adequate funding and don’t blow your budget.

9. Create a marketing plan.

10. Build an online presence.

11. Celebrate your victories along the way.

Pasha remains committed to mentoring and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Her message, “One of the biggest wealth shifts is taking place right now. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Work Smart! Be open and go for it! Create multiple streams of income.”

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Unknown member
Nov 10, 2021

Wow, just wow! This is some great advice! I love Dr. Carter's outlook on life. Reading about her, just make me want to push more towards owning my own business. I am fully energized.



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