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Waiting for your Breakthrough

The other day, I found myself trying to hurry God. Can you relate?

Waiting is not always fun and exciting. Our natural inclination is to hate waiting. However, I have learned that waiting is a good thing and an opportune time to prepare for my next level of unprecedented opportunities and success.

You may feel like you are in the waiting room forever… time seems to stand still.

You are in the waiting room, waiting on God for your breakthrough. A waiting room is usually the part of a building where people sit until the event they are waiting for happens.

Thankfully your waiting room has no walls.

In the waiting room, you are waiting for God’s best for you. What a wonderful day that will be when that thing comes to fruition! Your waiting period is not the time to shut down spiritually, emotionally, or physically. While you wait, stay active and expectant and not passive. Do not sit around doing nothing. Expect your situation to be resolved at any moment.

Expect it to happen… suddenly!

Here is a question for you: Why are you in the waiting room?

At times, God delays fulfilling our requests or even gives us an out-and-out no, because:

1. We need further development

2. He has a better prospect for us.

3. The timing is not right

You ask God. He never works randomly but has a specific plan for each of us. Do not circumvent the waiting process. God has His own timetable for our lives. Stay put and let God direct you and give you what is yours. Remember, God has been with you through thick and thin; He knows what is best for you.

So stay expectant! Trust God. He will bring your situation to pass. “Wait for the Lord: be of good courage and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.” Psalm 27:14 (KJV)

Let us hear from you!

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Membre inconnu
10 juil. 2021

Absolutely love this! It is a reminder to me to just wait on God. I really hate waiting and keep asking the Lord how long; but... reading this have me feeling so encouraged today.

Membre inconnu
11 juil. 2021
En réponse à

Paula, glad you were encouraged. Yes, waiting is not easy, but we learn so much during the waiting period. Thanks for sharing.



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