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Healing through the Power of Forgiveness

When we have colds, we use whatever remedies we can think of or go to the doctor for medicine to get rid of it. When we break bones, we must give them time to heal. The mind and spirit need the same kind of attention.

There are times when we will go through issues in life that can drain us mentally, tugging at the very core of our being and even challenging our beliefs. Just like our bodies, we need to allow our mind and spirit to be healed, which can start with forgiveness. We’ve heard it said time and time again that forgiveness isn’t just for the other person, but it is also for us. We can be bound by the chains of anger and hurt and allow them to damage our mind and spirit. We can be consumed by the weight of it all without realizing that it is the source of our discomfort.

We tend to be too hard on ourselves. As much as we want to believe that we are perfect, we are not. We will make mistakes and just as we want God and others to forgive us, we have to be willing to forgive. “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32 NIV

Did you know that healing can start with forgiveness? First, forgive yourself and then ask God to help you to forgive others. Ask Him to help you to acknowledge the fault and give you the strength to put emotions aside and forgive. I’m not saying that this will be an easy task, but it is obtainable.

If you don’t think that you need to forgive anyone, ask yourself this question: Who is it that can come into your presence and change your mood in a negative way? That is the person that you need to forgive. No one should be able to affect you in that manner. If they can, you need to acknowledge the issue, address it, and forgive.

Allow the power of forgiveness to break the chains of bondage that have taken hold over your life. When you do, you are one step closer to the healing of the mind and spirit that you deserve.

About Ramona

Ramona Powell Dennis is an author, teacher, and inspirational speaker. She has used her upbringing in a Christian home to help channel her love for Christ and her desire to be an inspiration to all. Relocating back to Tallahassee in 2000 to be the primary caregiver for both parents who suffered from Alzheimer's gave her a renewed spirit, an opportunity to get back into her writing, and a desire to get closer to God.

She enjoys sharing her life experiences to show that no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome and prevail. Ramona’s mantra is Love-Trust-Live: Love yourself so that you can love others, Trust God in all things, Live a fruitful life.

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