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Author Spotlight: Elonza Morris III

Promoting financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness.

We are pleased to turn the spotlight on Apostle Elonza Morris III. Apostle Morris is an Apostolic leader and Pastor who has been in ministry since the age of 16. He is a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor specializing in Marriage and Family Counseling and is known for helping families, youth and individuals heal emotionally, mentally and spiritually through the gift of counseling. Apostle Morris serves with his wife, Kristina teaching, training, equipping and activating leaders, and all believers to serve in the Kingdom of God in the areas He has called them to. Apostle Morris lives by this vision and mission: "Connecting people to God, so they can connect with themselves and then be able to connect with others."


Title: Conquering Life's Crucial Moments: A 30-Day Devotional Guide to Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Healing

Breaking mental and emotional chains!! Addressing childhood and adulthood trauma. Giving wisdom, knowledge and understanding for many issues we face! A 30 day wake up call, gut check, accountability partner, hope restorer, make you face your fears, your issues, yourself, and change your perspective on dealing with things in the moment type of book. Motivation to let go, move on, leap, jump, launch out, embrace the new, kill the old, type of book! You prayed for patience, and to overcome worry, anxiety and fear, and insecurities, and healing, well you got it type of book.

My goal for this book was to challenge the you that won't let go, that won't move on, that's afraid, that's hurting, hiding, and stubborn, the you that's been praying but seeing no results. I'm calling that part of you out and together we're going to have a conversation with that you and until that you is gone!!This book will challenge you to get yourself together in so many areas. This book will inspire you and encourage you to put in the work and fight for your own spiritual, mental and emotional health and growth. This is about self-examination, self-awareness and self-empowerment. Breaking free, healing and wholeness!!! Overcoming abandonment, insecurities, trials and tribulations, learning to trust the process, dealing with anxiety, valuing your time and more are covered in this book!30 days of inspiration, encouragement, empower, strategy, deliverance, healing, wisdom, transparency and reflection. Best feature, you get to write in the book, and answer the questions, and participate in moments of reflection.

Title: Man Mission Message: Discovering The Writer In Me

"The failure to fulfill ones purpose lies in the failure of discovering the one who assigned the purpose before the individual was created. It is in finding the creator who is God, the giver of purpose that we not only discover our purpose, but we also discover God's plan, and God's power. Everything we are and everything we are destined to be to become is in Him." Elonza Morris IIII believe that we are all purposed and destined to accomplish great things throughout our lives. I believe that there are special people who are called to share what they've learned and experienced in life through the platform of writing. Often times we don't discover our purpose because of the fear to move past the potential to be great. Especially to those who desire to become writers.

Fear of the opinions of others, fear of failure and self doubt are the usual suspects I've discovered as the enemy of those who desire to write. I want to help you get past your fears so that you'll be able to discover the writer in you. This book takes you through my journey from writing my first book to getting it published. I share with you everything I endured, learned and discovered along the way. It is my hope that my experience sheds light on your life. Discover the Man, Discern the Mission and Deliver the Message that God has placed inside of you. In this book you will learn my Plan, Purpose, Power, and Practice method and how to apply it to your life, and writing career. Let's go on this journey together so that you'll "Discover the Writer in You."

Title: God's Financial System

God has a plan for your life and that plan includes a strategic system developed specifically for your finances. God's designed a financial system that is meant to be a blessing to you and through you. It requires that you believe in it, trust in it, and invest in it to find out how it works for you. Come with me on a journey of biblical discovery in the area of finances and faith to overcome your fears concerning your finances.

God desires to release His financial wisdom over your life, so that you can live in an overflow of faith and wisdom. You'll gain insight and knowledge into various principle of giving outlined in God's word that are practical and easily applicable to your daily lives. Once you have unlocked God's financial system in your life, be sure to be a conduit to your family, friends, church and community. You'll fall in love with this book, and become the sower, invester, and giver that God desires you to be. Keep the blessing going!

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