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YCATS: The Plié Dancers

The Plie′ dancers are the most adorable and loving group of girls, who demonstrate the natural joy of dancing. Their training incorporates basic movement and rhythm skills, spatial awareness and coordination activities, and role play in a fun and interactive way. The set of girls ranging aged 4 to 5 work hard to develop their technical capability, as they learn the dance fundamentals. Their hearts are set on wearing beautiful costumes and they enjoy jazz and pop dance routines.

(L-R): 1st row -Kathryn Black, Abijah Wang, A′Myah Cruickshank

2nd row - Alyssa Boogle, Bea Ivey

3rd row- Anna-Kay Bigby, Amelia-Grace Douglas, Isabella Kelly

4th row- Azaira Green, Amira Gooden, Kiara Edwards



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