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VBD STAR POWER LIST: Author J.L. Campbell

9 Amazing Authors Who Are Editors

J.L. Campbell, National Bestselling Author & Line and Content Editor

“After you’ve written and rested your manuscript, you’ll be able to revisit it with fresh eyes. Readers should be able to visualize the picture you’ve painted, so it’s important to create strong imagery. The right words will create vivid images in your readers’ minds. So, choose hibiscus or marigold instead of flower, oak tree instead of tree, spiced lamb chops with minted couscous instead of expensive meal, honey-gold complexion instead of brown skin, and curvaceous instead of thick.

At the same time, try not to go overboard with descriptors. Too many words can cloud the picture you’re trying to create and confuse the reader. Jade’s royal-blue, high-collared, form-fitting dress brushed her knees. Two adjectives are enough. The third can go into another sentence to help with clarity.”

National Bestselling Author J.L. Campbell writes contemporary, paranormal, and sweet romance, romantic suspense, inspirational and women's fiction, in addition to new and young adult novels. Campbell, who hails from Jamaica, has penned more than forty books. She is a certified editor and book coach. When she’s not writing, Campbell adds to her extensive collection of photos detailing Jamaica’s flora and fauna.

“The ability to share my culture between the pages of a book is a privilege I’m aware of each time I sit to craft a story. There are so many people who will never be able to come to Jamaica, so when they pick up one of my books, I want them to have an authentic experience.”

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