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VBD STAR POWER LIST: Author Andrea Boyd

25 Amazing Authors & Their Must-Read Books

Andrea Boyd, Bestselling Author

“Find your tribe. And I don't mean readers. You will need other like-minded people that are on the same path, following the same dream, to help you along the way. Partners to critique your work, brainstorm with, ones who will give you honest answers—these are the keys to your success.”

Each of Andrea Boyd's series represents a different genre but all fall into the category of romance. All offer an element of her own brand of humor. And all are a tribute to God. Besides writing, she loves spending time with her family, quilting, going to car shows, and driving around in her 1968 Barracuda convertible. Andrea lives with her husband, Tommy, and at least a couple of cats in York County, SC.

Becoming an author never crossed Andrea’s mind. “But looking back, it should have. I have pages filled with story ideas and dreams I’ve had over the years, but at the time when I was writing these things down it felt like nothing more than a hobby.”

Three elements that are always included in Andrea’s writing are romance, humor, and God. “When God called me to write, He gave the repeated message to feed His sheep. His sheep are Christians, so my books are geared toward them. I think romance is a perfect example of God’s love for us. The humor wasn’t planned, it just showed up in my writing style, and I accepted it as one of God’s gifts.”

One of Andrea’s favorite things about being an author is to hear from readers that one of her stories helped them in some way. She prays that readers will give her stories a chance. “There’s a message in each one, and according to several reviewers, they’re not too preachy. So, no fears there. And you have a variety to choose from. Are you interested in medieval fantasy? I’ve got you covered. Is contemporary romance that runs sweet more to your liking? I’ve got that, too. Or do you prefer contemporary romance that reads more like women’s fiction? Well, that seems to be my specialty.”

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