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Meet The Hawkins Boys With their New EP ‘Vanquish’

The Hawkins Boys is a contemporary gospel soul group that uniquely blends soul-stirring vocals of traditional gospel accompanied by smooth yet inspirational contemporary lyrics and melodies. The group members are Joe Hawkins, Rick Hawkins, Lemuel “Lamar” Hawkins, Aaron Gordon, and Rickey Griggs, Jr.

With the mission to release music with a purposeful message that is supported with content for multi-generational and cross-cultural audiences, the group is emerging as a standout force in the gospel music industry. In another step towards fulfilling their mission, The Hawkins Boys recently released their highly anticipated EP “Vanquish,” under the label Melvin Williams Entertainment, further blazing the trail in their music career and ministry.

Chatting exclusively with VBD Magazine, Lemuel Hawkins and Rick Hawkins from the group talk about their mission, the inspiration behind their music, dealing with challenges, and using their platform to effect change.


Natives of Dallas, Texas, The Hawkins Boys began attending church services while growing up and soon became active in their church’s musical programs. Today, they masterfully demonstrate their musical ability to minister to the masses and touch souls around the world.

“We’re from a big family of singers—sisters, brothers, cousins, sons, daughters, dads, and moms—each with a calling on their life,” says Lemuel. “For a season, Joe and I were more focused on our careers. God spoke to me and reminded me that there is more work to be done. It was now or never, and after discussions with Joe and the others in the group, The Hawkins Boys was formed.

“It was challenging in the beginning because being on the road isn’t easy, but with lots of prayers, we kept pressing on. That’s why we named our recently released EP ‘Vanquish,’ because it describes our journey.”


Quickly gaining recognition, The Hawkins Boys have become known for their ministry and delivery of soulful songs. Their unwavering passion for God has been an inspiration to all who listen to their music.

“Our inspiration to sing comes from God so our music is inspired by our faith and environment,” says Lemuel. “We still balance our ministry with our day jobs. Thankfully, we work in the family business, so we can take time off for ministry.”

“We sing gospel because we love how gospel music affects people,” Rick reveals. “No matter how far they run, people always fall back on the Word of God. God is always on time.”

The group wants to bring a new flavor and sound to the gospel music industry as they minister God’s love, healing, and grace. “The love of God has an intensity that humans cannot fathom,” says Lemuel. “Though I have experienced Christ for 18 years, I’m humbled each time I remember how I wandered off from God. But I have a praying family, so when God called me to return, I obeyed the call.”


The Hawkins Boys has filled an important niche in the gospel music industry and that has fueled their popularity. While music is important to them, Lemuel and Rick emphasized that music is primarily an outreach tool that they use to minister to people, especially young people.

“The younger generation needs to hear the Word of God,” states Lemuel. “They are crying out for help, so when we hit the stage we want to make a difference. We want to show people Jesus Christ through the words of our songs. We stay music-ready so when our manager calls, we are ready to move.”

“Music can touch people’s hearts and spirits in incredible ways,” Rick remarks. “We want to point people to God and God’s love for them.”

Earlier this year, the talented group released a single “Great Change” which was written by brothers Lemuel and Joe Hawkins.

“I want to thank God for the title,” states Lemuel. “‘Great Change’ came about because the world was in such a dark place during the pandemic. When I felt the pain of the world, I started praying more and more. I would ride around in circles while praying and when God gave me the idea for the song, I took it to the group.”

“Great Change” was produced by the SE EMMY Award and Multi-Grammy Award nominee, with a host of Stellar Awards, Gospel Legend Melvin Williams of The Williams Brothers along with Multi-Grammy Award nominee, Multi-Stellar Award winner, Top 10 Gospel Producer Stan Jones, and mastered by Apple Certified Digital Mastering Engineer, Rodger Willis.

The song reflects the mission of The Hawkins Boys. Their desire to encourage and reassure people of God’s presence is evident in the lyrics of the song—“never lose hope, keep your head up high, wipe the tears from your eyes because just when you thought it was over, God said He ain’t through with your story, just fall down on your knees and pray because there’s a great change coming your way!”


“I make an effort not to react, but try to get an understanding of the situation,” Lemuel tells us. “When you react quickly, you can make the situation worse.”

“If we have a disagreement in the group, we pray about it, discuss it, and come to an agreement,” Rick shares. “Sometimes, we agree to disagree to make it work.”


Since the release of “Vanquish,” the talented group has been busy ministering and doing publicity tours. In addition, they often tour with other gospel artists. Recently, they toured with Fred Hammond, one of the most popular artists in contemporary gospel music. By ministering to audiences through songs, the group continues to fulfill God’s call on their lives.

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