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Guiding Others To Achieve Life-Changing Results

Renowned board-certified internal medicine physician Ravi B. Patel has become one of the most influential voices in healthcare with respect to practicing a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Dr. Patel studied at Ross University School of Medicine. He also completed his specialization in Geriatric Medicine in New York City, before moving back home to Dallas, Texas, in 2005.

Speaking exclusively with VBD Magazine, Dr. Patel shares the joys and challenges he faced in his medical career, the LivWell Method for patient care, his thoughts on telemedicine, and the adverse health event that jolted him. Throughout our interview, one thing remains consistent: the purpose-driven difference maker is turning his knowledge into unmatched insights, adapting to the unexpected, and leading change.


Dr. Patel grew up in East Texas where he lived with his parents and twin brothers. His parents ran a small motel and young Ravi and his two brothers assisted. It was during that time that he learned the value of hard work and that he enjoyed interacting with people. These same traits are evident in his life today.

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in management information systems at the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Patel started volunteering in his junior year at an acute rehabilitation hospital. It was during this time that he discovered how much he enjoyed working with the patients. This was the experience that led him to pursue a career in medicine.

Since then, Dr. Patel has served on multiple hospital committees as well as operated as Chief of Staff for Global Rehab, an acute rehabilitation hospital, for two years. Currently, he practices both functional and traditional medicine in Dallas. Dr. Patel divides his time between his clinic as a functional medicine-minded practitioner and as a hospitalist in the hospital.

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