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SPEAKING LIFE INTO YOUR STORY: Christa DelSorbo, Narrator and Voice Over Artist

Christa DelSorbo was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains. She grew up on stage dancing and speaking. Ever the science nerd with a love of anatomy and movement, she pursued and enjoyed a career in physical therapy and eventually stayed home to raise a family. She and her husband, Carl, have been married for 26 years and have two amazing sons who have flown the coop and gifted their parents with daughters to love as each one has gotten married this past year.

In this new season of empty nesting, Christa began pursuing her dream of narrating audiobooks. She has narrated 12 full length novels thus far and has 4 more “on the table” to complete early this year. Her specialty is working with southern accents. She loves the nuance of each one, Appalachian Highland to Coastal Drawl and everything in between.

“I’ve dabbled in theater most of my life. I did a bit of radio voiceover work in college and have always enjoyed reading aloud,” says Christa DelSorbo, Narrator and Voice Over Artist. “My husband is actually the one who encouraged me to pursue this as a career. I contacted an author and asked her tons of questions… and the rest is history.”

Christa loves learning about characters and “hearing” their voices. “One of the things I find interesting about narration is the fact everyone has different (and often strong!) likes and dislikes. Personally, I enjoy a sincere, clear voice. In fiction, character differentiation is crucial to be able to follow a storyline. Bonus points for accents done well.”



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