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SHE WORE THE NAME: Author Theresa A. Ward

Revolutionary, Relentless & Resilient

Look out world! Theresa Ward from Kansas City, Missouri is here! She is a two-time cancer survivor and a woman of unshakable faith. Furthermore, Theresa is a first-time author making waves in the literary industry, having published in late 2021. Though she underwent challenging times, Theresa rose from the ashes, and is now telling her story. There is no stopping this fearless warrior.

VBD Magazine is delighted to introduce you to Theresa—her infectious laughter, her contagious passion, her audacious faith, and her miraculous testimony. Spend a few minutes with this down-to-earth author and she will leave an indelible mark on your soul.

VBD: Who inspired you to begin writing?

THERESA: My father and mother are the key to my walk to achievement. My mother was a spy for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). She would go and apply for jobs, and if there was discrimination, she would report it back to the chapter in Pensacola Florida. She passed away in 2016. My father is the son of a sharecropper. Life was hard, racism was evident, and there was very little money to spend. When he was just a young man, my father saw lynchings, and his family had to kill their pet pig to survive because they had no money to purchase food. Determined to be different, my father became a porter for the railroad and moved on to be an engineer. My parents taught us that education was the pinnacle. Most of my siblings went on to receive a higher education. That is why I am a proud graduate of Tuskegee University.

VBD: Tell us about your book, She Wore the Name.

THERESA: She Wore The Name is a Women’s Fiction book. It’s about how Sarai Chameleon wears her name in everything that she does. Good or Bad: She will affect the lives of those around her. She is from Black Southern Wealth. She must forge her way through demons of rape, family curses, voodoo, betrayal, lies, and so much more. It is a haunting tale of the survival of her soul! Will she win? Read and find out!

VBD: What do you hope readers will get from reading your book?

THERESA: My prayer is that readers will be encouraged to be more responsible for their actions and the direction of their lives. There is always someone looking at the spectrum of our hearts to see if we are good or bad. We can lead others to success or despair. It’s all in how we chose to live out the wearing of our names.

VBD: Tell us about your scholarship program.

THERESA: I love learning! It is classic, orgasmic, foundational, and necessary for success! I give away scholarships to young students heading to a two-year or four-year institution. They must maintain a “C” average. We do want to know how they intend to wear their names and how they will impact or change the world. We pay directly to the establishment of their choice. Two students are provided with $500.00 each twice a calendar year. We would like to do more, but it is based on sales of the novel as well. So read on proud parents and supporters!

VBD: You are a two-time cancer survivor. Share with us how you overcame that challenge. What impact did it have on your faith?

THERESA: I am, I am! One day at a time. I suffered depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I would have flashbacks to the time the doctor performed the surgery. I believe the cancer came back because the doctor left part of my cervix in. I went through special radiation treatments, in total 31 rounds.

I highly recommend to anyone undergoing cancer treatment to have a strong prayer team. I had emergency surgery because I also had blood poisoning at the time. In addition, please get a second opinion, if possible. Keep a strong mind by using the Word of God. I am also an ordained Minister and I assure you the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides solutions for emergency situations. Additionally, eating a balance meal, lots of water, exercise, and laughter helps. I am still in recovery, but one step and one day at a time.

VBD: What's next for you?

THERESA: I will publish the second book in October. Look out for the many surprises in it! I will introduce my clothing line in the sequel. Both of my degrees are in Fashion/Merchandising. I want to open a recording studio in Kansas City for the young adults of the inner city to release their concerns and pain through rap and other genres of music. I would love to go back to Tuskegee and teach; motivational classes would be included.

One day, I hope God will send my husband to find me. I would love to adopt children! I will be traveling soon and settling back down in the South. I love the red clay dirt, the smell of the air, and the old buildings that represent our black history. I am intoxicated by the greatness, and this makes me stand tall in my spirit, always with my back straight. In closing, I salute women of every ethnicity, no one wears their name the way that you do.

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