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Recession-Proof your Business with Kirsha Campbell

When business owners find their businesses in financial chaos and aim to take the leap to cashflow and more, they reach out to Kirsha Campbell “The Cashflow Maven.” A CPA/CMA, Kirsha integrates all the moving parts in your business to set up the right foundation to be recession proof, operate with reduced risk, increase cashflow, establish effective systems and procedures, and so much more.

Kirsha is ready to change the trajectory of your business and life. Say goodbye to overwhelming stress and frustration about your business results and operation. She is deeply passionate about helping her clients and forming lasting relationships. She is committed to setting up your business for success and be your “go-to” second brain. You can feel the passion through her words as she shares with us about her services, her driving force, and her beloved twin boys.

VBD: Tell us about your services.

KIRSHA: I help Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) advance from profits to multiple cashflow through strategic financial systems. Our team takes care of the financial side of your business with a customized approach. We ensure your bookkeeping/record keeping/transactions are recorded accurately. We help to establish predictable profits, thereby increasing cashflow, and ultimately creating wealth and value for your business.

VBD: What is the driving force behind your passion to help CEOs with strategic financial systems?

KIRSHA: After more than 13 years in the corporate world, I increasingly saw the need to support smaller sized businesses. They needed customized proven corporate strategies to scale their companies to greater levels of profits and cashflow. Profit is often misunderstood as equal to cashflow, and I urgently needed these companies to differentiate this. They also needed to be positioned for a recession proof state. I saw many companies go bankrupt and it “happened gradually, then suddenly” (Ernest Hemingway). As a result, many lives, families, and business were impacted, and the trajectory changed radically. I needed to be a part of changing that trajectory in a positive way now and for generations ahead.

VBD: You are always working diligently to keep companies afloat, so what were some of the things that The Cash Lab did to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic?

KIRSHA: We intensified our reach across the globe by training executives in Asia and the Caribbean. We released our Cash Management Training Course along with updating our Cashflow Playbook to provide simple steps to quickly increase profits and cashflow for business owners and CEOs. We also increased the frequency of our trainings to offer customized support to business owners and CEOs.

VBD: With a thriving and demanding business, how do you achieve the balance between business and parenting as a momentrepreneur?

KIRSHA: I actually seek for the integration of the various parts of my life instead of balance. With balance, the weight is evenly distributed or there are correct proportions! I quickly found out that with parenting and business, that did not happen for me! With integration, I include all the moving parts in my business, my family and other parts of life to ensure there is priority as needed and change is quickly made appropriately. So one day, there will be more focus on work and another day, there will be more focus on my babies and their related needs or activities. I also ensure that I keep learning and growing through prayer and worship. I am constantly learning from more experienced leaders ahead of me, and I read extensively.

VBD: What is next for The Cash Lab?

KIRSHA: We will be releasing more customized solutions for businesses as well as increase our support/services for kids and younger entrepreneurs.

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