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PROPHETESS ETTA RAHMING: When God Speaks: Sound the Alarm

Prophetess Etta Rahming, Ed.S., received her master’s degree from Howard University, School of Social Work. She also holds an Education Specialist in School Psychology degree from the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Thomas Campus. Having met the standards prescribed by the Ecclesiastical Board of Directors of The City of Restoration, Inc., Valrico, Florida, she was commissioned as an ordained minister in 2012.

In an exclusive conversation with VBD Magazine, the Woman of God discusses her writing process, the message she hopes readers will take away after reading her book, and the most important lesson she learned since becoming an author. You’ll love getting to know Prophetess Etta.

VBD: How long have you been writing?

ETTA: I’ve always written. In my youth, I wrote songs, poems, and short stories. I’ve formally written reports and assessments as an investigative probation officer, clinical social worker, school psychologist, and instructor. My love for reading encouraged my writing outside of the workplace. In addition, I’ve written for newspapers and conferences on topics such as slavery in the Caribbean and substance abuse among women. There was a season when I was also releasing prophetic writings for my church newspaper. I have numerous journals of writings on what God has given me throughout the last ten years. I know I will eventually publish some of these articles. In 2016, I published my book When God Speaks: Sound the Alarm.

Operating in my purpose and unique design have created opportunities for me to establish and serve in several ministries, including The Doorway to Life Skills Center, The Gatekeeper Intercessory Ministry, and Ms. Etta’s Academic Corner. Currently, I am developing a book on healing and deliverance as well as two children’s books. While my professional background is eclectic, I’ve always ended up working with “at-risk” populations in some capacity. As a five-fold minister, my current writings are a combination of 40 plus years of training, experience, and knowledge in the natural and spiritual realms.

VBD: Tell us about your writing process.

ETTA: I pray a great deal and I have journals where I write my notes. Inspiration comes at any time, and I want to be prepared, so I keep a journal on my nightstand. Whenever I awake, I write what I remember from my dreams or the first thoughts that come to my mind. My current process is to work with a writing group as a means of accountability. This also ensures that I write on a regular basis. Sometimes, I like a change of scenery, and I go to the beach. This helps me to focus, and I can write for hours.

VBD: What inspired your book When God Speaks: Sound the Alarm?

ETTA: I was led by the Holy Spirit to share with a wider audience what the Lord had been saying. The Holy Spirit wants to accelerate growth in many lives and the subject matter in my book is meant to help people reach a higher and deeper level of maturity.

VBD: What did you learn from writing When God Speaks: Sound the Alarm?

ETTA: I learned that people need to hear what God has given me and that God is still working on me. As I write, God continues to take me to deeper levels of deliverance and clarifies the purpose for some of the challenges I experienced during my childhood. Healing and deliverance is a process and is ongoing.

ETTA: I am hoping that the readers receive healing and deliverance on a deeper level. In addition, they should remember processes take time and must be intentional. I want my readers to understand that forgiveness is necessary for growth, and that forgiveness of self and others will set one free.

ETTA: I have learned that God has placed these words within me, and I must remember that this is not just about me; it’s about those that are waiting to receive this vital information. The written word is just as powerful as the spoken word.

VBD: What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

ETTA: Writing is a process. Even when you are challenged, keep writing. Have a designated place to write when you are home. It also helps to have an accountability partner where you can be an encouragement to each other. As Proverbs 27:17 (NKJV) reminds us: “iron sharpens iron.” Most of all, I would encourage aspiring authors to pray, fast, stay in the presence of God, and follow His directions. Lastly, I would encourage that whatever you do, always remember to never compare your gifts to others.

VBD: What’s next for you?

ETTA: I am currently writing a book on healing and deliverance. Throughout my ministry, I noticed many people have the false belief that they cannot be free of some things because they’ve sinned so much or for so long. We always hear people say, “I don’t look like what I’ve been through.” I like to help them see a different way which allows them to fully accept that nothing is too hard for God.

In a couple of months, my writing group will be in full swing, and I will have some projected dates for my children’s books. These children’s books will correlate with my YouTube Channel, “Ms. Etta’s Academic Corner.”

I am also working on a unique social media platform which will release daily words of encouragement with reference to biblical texts.



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