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PAUL CAMPBELL: Inspiring & Leading Change

Paul Campbell dreamed of becoming an actor from a young age. Today, he is Jamaica’s most popular contemporary actor. Campbell is recognized not only in Jamaica, but also throughout the Caribbean, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, and Africa. He was honored at the Media-mix 25th Anniversary Award Ceremony where he won the Doctor Bird Award (The Jamaican Academy Award) for excellent performance in film and television. He has also been awarded the best actor award at the Jamerican Film and Music Festival two years in succession.

In Jamaica, Campbell’s unique voice can be heard on the local radio as the voice of Fame-FM as he delivers the station’s many sound bites. Campbell is also an accomplished painter, producer, and entrepreneur. Those are just some of his titles, but his aspirations don’t stop there.

VBD Magazine caught up with the iconic actor during the week when he was showcasing his artwork at Island SPACE Caribbean Museum in Plantation, Florida. No topic was off limits when Campbell sat down for his interview. He spoke candidly about his career, current projects, and mentoring youths. Enjoy the peek into the mind of the method actor.


Campbell embraces his challenging upbringing, which has propelled him to become the artist he is today. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica, where he grew up with his single mom. He recalled that his mom took him with her everywhere, introducing him to movies, plays, and Saturday morning shows. Therefore, his passion for acting and the entertainment industry had been brewing since childhood. Campbell is a past student of Kingston College, where he participated in a number of the school’s drama festivals. Later, he attended the Jamaica School of Drama in Kingston.



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