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It was great to speak with debut authors Roy and Kerry-Ann McPherson about their book, Becoming One: How To Make Your Marriage a Message, which is now available on Amazon.

Book Blurb

“Are you sure you’re not brother and sister?” People ask us this question all the time. The funny thing is that we really look alike. But as awesome as this is, becoming one as we share in this book is far more incredible.

Genesis 2 and Ephesians 5 speak about the union between a man and a woman in marriage saying that “the two shall become one.” Spiritually, this oneness reflects the union of Jesus Christ and the church. It’s our pattern to emulate. So we call this book becoming one because we have not attained oneness. But each day allows us to pursue it with God’s transforming power and guidance.

We believe that He wants us to become one as husband and wife so that others can see genuine, sacrificial, and persevering love and believe in Jesus Christ, who is real love.

If you ever wondered, “Is there more to my marriage?”, we are here to say, “Absolutely yes!” Your marriage can have a deeper meaning. It can become a message to those around you.

Author Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

We are a Christian married couple from the beautiful island of Jamaica. Our relationship started as mentor-mentee in a university club, then transitioned to friends, until it blossomed into an intimate and inseparable bond. We attend the Worship and Faith International Fellowship located in St. Catherine, Jamaica.

What is your book about?

Becoming One: How To Make Your Marriage a Message is about how to ensure your marriage is accurately reflecting the greatest message of all—God’s love to others.

In this book, we encourage couples to pursue God’s blueprint of becoming one in marriage. In doing so, others can see what God’s love looks like (when the husband reflects Jesus Christ) and how to respond to God’s love (when the wife reflects the church). This message of love has the power to change lives forever because it’s the heart of the Gospel.

Who is your intended audience?

We are writing for couples who want their love story to reflect the love between Jesus Christ and the church. So the couples could be preparing for marriage, newlyweds or couples married for years.

Why would your audience want to read this book?

We can definitely list three reasons why our audience would want to read our book:

  • Every chapter challenges couples to examine an aspect of their relationship against God’s blueprint. It inspires them to ask the question, "How can our marriage be more like Christ and the church?"

  • From one couple to another, we share our real and unfiltered journey of becoming one to encourage other couples to keep pursuing it despite challenges they might face. We speak to topics such as handling finances, resolving conflicts, being vulnerable and learning to be selfless and sacrificial.

  • There are opportunities for deep and reflective conversations between couples. There are also incredible opportunities for prayer with God. All of these can open the door to greater levels of intimacy, love and God’s transforming power.

Why did you decide to write this book?

It actually started out as a guide for our younger brothers, who will be getting married in a few years. We wanted to share about marriage in a practical and transparent way with them. As we continued to write, it became clear to us that there is so much more to marriage than our mutual satisfaction and happiness. There’s a deeper message behind a Christian marriage and that’s the love story between Jesus and the church. We want couples to not be satisfied with just being married. We pray they will desire more—to become one as God intended.

What is something about you that others would be surprised to know?

We love to compete against each other in Mario Go Kart 8 on our Nintendo Switch.

Connect with Roy & Kerry-Ann

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