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Stories of Belonging

“And then God can change you. Your 'mess' can turn into a message. You see God has bigger plans for you than you could possibly imagine. This trial won't last forever. Good always wins.”


“I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to stick to the facts in the Bible. So many readers are not inclined to read historical fiction set in Biblical times because they’ve read some Biblical fiction that deviates from the scriptures, or they have transposed what they have read as actual fact.

“If you are able to send readers back to the Word, this time with an appreciation of the events recorded in history, it can take the reader from skimming through the Bible as a linear timeline of events and deliver the rich and vibrant culture of the times. In this way, you can explore with the reader why the person may have made the decision they did.

“Always treat the Bible with utmost respect. The readers will know if you haven’t.”


Naomi Craig is an author of Biblical fiction, avid reader, and pastor’s wife. She loves reading the Bible and imagining how things were at the time. When she’s not serving in various areas at church, trying to stay on top of mountains of dishes, or convincing her rescue dog, Freeway, to be cute on command for Instagram reels, you’ll most likely find her enjoying a good book and a cup of coffee. Naomi co-hosts Behind the Story, an author interview show on YouTube and your podcast platform of choice.

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